insight FOOD inside


insight FOOD inside offers the following types of collaboration:

Scientific collaboration

I am especially interested in participation in more fundamental food research projects, particularly those related to the further development and application of the ACOUSTIC EMISSION MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS in relation to perception, and PHYSIOLOGY BASED DIGESTION MODELLING in relation to food absorption, ingredient bioavailablity, food intake, and effect on medical outcomes such as glycemia and blood lipids and muscle performance. For this I like to collaborate with universities, knowledge institutes and private companies active in scientific research and product development related to sensory perception, absoption and bioavailability relevant to the food, skin care, pharmaceutical and medical areas.




My Cosun affiliation

Working for Cosun gives me a steady income and keeps me involved in recent developments in the plant food ingredient area and keeps me udated about new publically available knowledge in this field. However, of course I keep confidential Cosun knowledge stricktly separate from insight FOOD insight.