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What food does to the body


When it comes to the sensory or digestive performance of a food product in the consumer, the key is in the interaction of the product with the body. This interaction is often difficult to establish because it requires time consuming and expensive sensory panel tests or invasive physiological studies.

As a main goal to overcome this problem, insight FOOD inside collects knowledge and develops methodologies to assess the performance of the food while it is interacting with the body.     

The concept

The key concept is that the performance of a product for a consumer is highly dependent on its interaction with the body. 

As outlined in the figure, this interaction starts with the appearance and touch, for food followed by the experience of first bite and masticatory changes in the mouth, transforming the food into a swallowable bolus. Next the food enters the digestive tract, where it excites various alimentary receptors while being digested into absorbable species. The performance of any product in the consumer is directly dependent on the various processes and resulting sensations, which in turn depend on the way the structure and composition reacts to the surface and inner environment of the body and the way the body physiologically adapts to the product. 

Mechanistic insight in these physical mechanism and the way these excite receptors and induce physiological adaptations in the body is relevant for directing product composition and structure to optimal performance.  

Click on the tabs for ACOUSTIC EMISSION ANALYSIS, IN SILICO DIGESTION MODELLING for further information on these topics. 

Co-development and collaboration

I am searching for collaboration with the academia and commercial companies to share insight and further develop knowledge and research tools, and bring these into application through contract research. When needed and desired, through my part-time employment at NIZO food research, I can also offer co-operation with NIZO food research, giving access to additional expertise and equipment.