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On this website you find information on my expertise and the work I can offer to you. By clicking on the subject bar on the left you can enter the pages on various subjects I cover through my company. 

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George van Aken

About the company

insight FOOD inside is my private research and consultancy company working for the Food sector.

From this company I offer consultancy and research support on STRUCTURE AND RHEOLOGY of foods and food ingredients, food oral processing, tactile sensory perception and food digestion. On your request, through my part-time employment at NIZO food research, I can also offer co-operation with NIZO food research, giving access to high-end food research facilities and a broad scope of food science knowledge and expertise. 

Food product development often focusses on specific new ingredients, delivery of a special odor, taste or texture sensation, good digestive functionality or a high nutritional value. Meanwhile the food product should have the right structure and suitable storage stability. The difficulty faced by product developers is to meet all requirement at the same time and the measure the properties in a reproducible way.

The objective of insight FOOD inside is to give support on both on material science (food structure and rheology) as well on the way food products interact with the body (sensory and digestion). Any desired functionality of the food can only be achieved by integrating bot aspects. 

Special innovative techniques that I can offer are ACOUSTIC EMISSION ANALYSIS and in co-operation with NIZO food research, IN SILICO DIGESTION MODELLING. These techniques give mechanistic insight in the way products interact with the body, which can be used effectively in product R&D.






Upcoming events:

·       Presentation: In-silico modelling of digestion: application examples in the food industry and potential link to pharmacokinetic modelling. The 6th APS International     PharmSci 2015: Innovation in Pharmaceutical Sciences. September 7-9 2015, Nottingham UK.


·       Presentation: Out of the sensory box: exploring the physics of mouthfeel. MOA Symposium “Tickle your senses”. 7 October 2015, Media Plaza Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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